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More Progress at the 7/8 Building

We are eager for Spring as we continue our work at the new 7/8 building. Follow along with our photos for a tour of the new middle school.

These first two photos showcase the main entrance and office/admin area. As you walk through the future secure vestibule you will enter a hallway that overlooks the media center, which features 2-story ceilings and large windows to let in natural light. The staircase from the media center leads to an expansive cafeteria.

The classroom wing features two stories of classroom, with a lot of windows. The lower level science classrooms and the hallways will have polished concrete floors. Each floor will have a large extended learning space with breakout rooms attached.

Below showcases the 1) main gym with track, 2) the auxiliary gym, and 3) the locker rooms, with PE classroom

Check out this time-lapse video walking the new school!

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