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October 5/6 Building Progress

Now that the new 7/8 middle school is complete, let's check in on the progress at the future site of Oakestown Intermediate School!

The future reception area has received its framing. Once complete, this area will feature secure entryways and high visibility to ensure the safety of Grandville students, staff, and visitors.

In the gym, the old bleachers have been demoed to make way for brand-new ones. One side has the bleachers completely removed, while the other shows the framing still in the process of getting taken out.

The former media center/library has been completely demoed as well - it will eventually receive three divider walls, which will transform the space into three classrooms.

Also getting a transformation is the space below, which is on its way to becoming three breakout rooms with a collaborative learning area in the front.

And finally, at the team and locker room outbuilding, masonry crews are hard at work both inside and out!

Check back next month to watch as the building continues to come together.

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