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A Safer Oakestown Intermediate

Many of the recent upgrades at Oakestown Intermediate are centered on improving safety and security for the future 5/6 school.

Around the exterior of the school, security film has been added to all windows, making them resistant to being broken or shattered from the outside.

At the principal's office, a window has been added to the interior wall to give the principal a full view of the front office.

Another major security upgrade underway in the front office is the numbering of all Oakestown's rooms. Emergency personnel and school staff will be given a numbered map of the school to ensure that if an emergency occurs, they can quickly communicate and respond to the appropriate location.

Throughout the school's hallways, structural improvements have been made to the walls to make them more fire-resistant. The top photo shows that work in progress, while the bottom shows what it looks like when it is completed and is waiting to be painted. A fire inspector will examine both the open and closed walls to ensure everything is up to code.

Check back in February to see how work progresses, including updates to the improved Media Center!

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