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It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Construction

Even though the weather has gotten colder, work on Oakestown Intermediate has not slowed down! Check out the photos below to see how work at the future 5/6 building has progressed since October.

October December

At the new entry/reception area, the walls are now up! While this new area will allow community members to utilize areas like the pool, school entry points will be accessible only by key card for the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

October December

Walls have also gone up around the breakout spaces on either end of the building.

October December

In the gymnasium, new Grandville maroon bleachers have been installed.

October December

October December

Masonry crews have finished laying bricks in and outside of the future locker/team rooms. If the snow continues to hold off, windows will be able to be installed in the coming weeks as well.

Elsewhere outside the building, trenches are being dug for water and electrical upgrades. Previously, Grandville's sprinkler system was fed by a nearby creek, which left it at risk of being clogged up by leaves and other detritus. Now, the system will be fed by city water, making it much more efficient.

And finally, an exciting update for Grandville staff - while the spaces above may not look like much now, they will eventually become faculty bathrooms, which will be accessible from the school's main hallways.

Check back next month as construction continues to progress!

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