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Construction tour at the new 7/8 middle school

The new 7/8 middle school is moving along on schedule! We caught up with the construction team to get an inside scoop on the construction progress.

Walking into the lower level, this space (below) will be home to the future media center.

The concrete crew was onsite working on the future learning stairs. This unique, student-centered space will be an informal gathering space for teaching, transporting, and socializing.

Looking down the hallway, (below) shows classroom on the right. Many will feature break out rooms and storage/prep spaces.

The masons were on site working on the walls for the extended learning area. In close proximity to the classrooms, this modern space allows for flexible use for both group collaboration and individual learning.

Precast walls are up in this expansive gymnasium space (below), future home of an auxiliary gym, two competitive gyms, and a multipurpose space with a workshop and fabrication area to be utilized by the robotics program. In addition, there will team rooms, locker rooms, offices, and storage spaces.

Fun Fact: One of the large vertical precast panels weighs around 36,000 pounds!
This large crane is how the precast panels were set in place.

On the precast panels, the beams sticking out will be supports for the track.

Shown below is the future home of STEM classrooms, weight room, band, orchestra, choir, theatre, and art rooms. Along this corridor, there will be access to the track.

The photo below was taken in the future cafeteria space. To the right side of the photo will be the future home of the servery, kitchen, admin office, and main entry.

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